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Visual Analog Scale - VAS Rulers
rulers with pain assessment scale used for pain management,
 pain rating/pain measurement/pain gauging

MED-01-100 High Quality Stainless Steel VAS Rulers with Slider Indicator.  Front has etched 0-10 cm analog scale.  Reverse depicts faces numbered 1-5 where "1" stands for "No Pain" and "5" for "Extreme Pain"
$14.95 each

MED-10-100 VAS Rulers made of anodized aluminum with 0-100mm scale with numbers every 5mm
$8.95 each

MED-03-100 VAS Rulers made of clear PVC with double edge scale of 0-100mm
$4.95 each

MED-04-100 VAS Pain Scale Rulers made of white PVC have 0-10 cm scales on two edges on the front and faces on the back numbered 1-5 where "1" stands for "No Pain" and "5" stands for "Extreme Pain".  They come with a clear PVC indicator slider.
$6.95 each

MED-02-100 VAS Rulers made of clear PVC with double edge scale of 0-10



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