Custom Machinists' Rulers

Our rulers are made from high quality steel to the highest standards of precision.

Vertical: Top-to-Bottom or Bottom-to-Top

Horizontal with Logo

Various graduation angles (custom rulers made for Fuji Film)

Various graduation designs

Black anodized rulers (made for Barilla)

Made of Perspex (Plexiglass)

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Custom Engineer's and Machinist's Rulers
Industrial quality, accurate, made in a variety of materials        

All rulers are made exactly to your specifications! Per your print or per your description.
Competitive prices. Made to any length!

... whether you need your rulers
Reading Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right, with mounting holes

or without, graduated in tenth of an inch increments

or in half a mm increments or 1/100" increments..., we are here to meet your needs.